Friday, September 24, 2010

Bookkeeping: Buying Stocks cuz it's Fashionable

My 'pop through resistance and drop' theory  had some legs as of yesterday's close, but Mr. Tepper crushed it this morning.  With no fear of ever losing money in the stock market again, I can now buy stocks with impunity.  (source: Tepper)

I am doubling my position in Thoratec (THOR) - (1.5%ish extra today)  it has made one of those fancy 'flag' things that the squiggly line analysis folks really like.  It is fast approaching an upside gap between $40 to $41... perhaps the Monday morning gap will take the name through that level.   Also Hewlett Packard might be interested in moving into the healthcare field (I am starting that rumor so options activity starts to pick up and the Najarian brothers can highlight it on Fast Money, driving the stock up Monday on 'rumors' at which point I'd dump it on folks who bought on 'option activity' (that I created) and laugh... not that any hedge fund would pull a stunt like that)

I am doubling my position in VMWare (VMW).  (1.5%ish extra today) Reason?  Hewlett Packard could buy it over the weekend.  If not, I'll buy a batch of VMW calls so the Najarian brothers... well you get the game by now right?

I am putting a 1% allocation into Spreadtrum Communications (SPRD) at price far higher than I last sold.  Reason?  Hewlett Packard could decide it wants exposure to Chinese semiconductors.

I am putting a 1.5% allocation into Riverbed Technology (RVBD) - again at prices far higher than I last sold it.  Again, I will cite Hewlett Packard as a potential suitor since it appears to be buying a company every 5th day and if you cannot find a good reason to own a stock you float rumors that HPQ is sniffing around.

I could buy more Amazon and Netflix here, but since I have a transparent system here I cannot fool you into believing I had 8% allocations in each the whole quarter.  Darn it.  (please note, rumors are floating that Hewlett Packard might buy both companies...together... this weekend.  If not this weekend, then next weekend... or as many weekends as it takes to create fears in bears)

p.s. someone wrote in comments they tried to short EDU, a stock I highlighted yesterday in "Egregious".  Ironically the company was forced to report earnings (the one day a quarter stocks can actually go down as reality surfaces) and was down 15% this AM - unfortunately that reader could not find stock to borrow. :(

Long all names mentioned except EDU in fund; long Tepper; long anything that moves (as well as things that do not move as long as Hewlett Packard might buy it); long Ben, long window dressing, long 0% mortgages, long the Chinese miracle, long a nation of strategic defaults who are going to make the shopping malls buzz this Christmas since they don't have to pay mortgages; no personal position


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