Thursday, August 5, 2010

Monsanto (MON) Ups Dividend

Monsanto (MON) seems to reacting quite nicely to what I perceive as a very modest increase in the dividend.

  • Monsanto Co. said Wednesday its board of directors approved increasing the company's quarterly dividened to 28 cents per share from 26.5 cents per share.  The world's biggest seed maker will pay the dividend on Oct. 29 to shareholders of record on Oct. 8. Chief Financial Officer Carl Casale said dividends are a key element of Monsanto's approach to using its strong cash position to benefit shareholders.

Either way, as our largest position, I am happy with the move since I need something to move out of this quicksand I am now in.  As mentioned earlier this week when I added to the position, I'll be taking profits [if and when] in mid $64s range - if the stock can clear that area with ease, we'll be right back in.  If the market remains benign this move by MON to that level looks like a no brainer, but as you should know by now with almost every stock in the market now one algo correlation trade, we are mostly hostage to the the greater indexes as almost every stock (outside of company specific news) is a proxy of it.

Got milk seed?

Long Monsanto in fund; no personal position


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