Monday, August 2, 2010

Bookkeeping: Cutting (PCLN) Ahead of Earnings

Today is a very strange day - very little in my portfolio is up materially and aside from commodities a lot of stocks in my watch lists, while green, are not up tremendously.  I am not sure where the 'action' is today outside of commodities (and to a lesser degree financials); but something is taking the indexes up 2% so it must be groups I don't traditionally spend time in.  I do see auto suppliers (which I highlighted Friday) flying.

Scanning the earnings schedule, (PCLN) is set to report tomorrow; to avoid any chance of getting Vistaprinted I am going to sell down my exposure from 1.9% to 0.6%, taking some modest gains.  This company usually always plays the Wall Street game of under promise and over deliver so we'll see if they can do it again.

Long in fund; no personal position


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