Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bookkeeping: Cutting Back Polypore International (PPO) By 2/3rds Ahead of Earnings

I sold 1/3rd of Polypore International (PPO) to lock in profits within a hair of its 52 week high a week ago today.  The very next day it fell 9% from where I sold so I bought that exposure back (plus some).  However thus far there has been no bounce.  I was hoping to see something soon knowing I'd have to cut back ahead of earnings.

With earnings out tomorrow, I'm selling this position down by 2/3rds and as long as the earnings report does no harm to the chart, will be looking to buy back after the release.  This will temporarily drop it from a 2% exposure to roughly 0.6%.

Long Polypore International in fund; no personal position


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