Friday, July 30, 2010

[Video] Jim Rogers call CNBC a Public Relations Agency... on CNBC

And this is why one just have to love Jim Rogers.  He says things many others won't because they will lose their punditry platform to upsell their firm.  Luckily he is way past that stage.

I said it was PR Anna; they got the stocks up.  That's the whole purpose of PR.  Make the stocks go higher. That's what CNBC and many many PR agencies are all about.  

Other than his exact quote (in response to the European stress tests) which was funny in its own right, the reaction by the anchor in the red dress (minute 4:15) was bemusing but the expression on Jim's face when she said

Jim Rogers, that is very cheeky of you. You know we're not talking up (unintelligible) here on CNBC. We're just reporting the news!

is downright laugh out loud material.  Ironically that was said in the best 17 year old head cheerleader voice possible.  The indoctrination they must have for new hires upon employment at CNBC must be intense because I truly believe these people think they are reporting the news rather than being infotainment financial TV aka one big advertisement for Wall Street.

Watching Jim guffaw after her remark was epic.  Of course they immediately cut to commercial to regroup!

hat tip Black Swan Insights

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