Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fund Launch Timeline Update

I have been hit in email with many requests for updates in terms of timeline of mutual fund launch.  Originally the hope was "summer", but through necessity for sleep and lack of time it has been pushed out some.   However, since there is little left to accomplish with this site since the main goal has been accomplished I am allocating more time to ultimate goal now and hoping to plow through the mounds of paperwork in the next 4 weeks.

So a less vague timeline from here is finish up everything on my end by end of August, and send to SEC review.

Back and forth with SEC for 60-75 days and upon approval you are live immediately.  This would give a live date sometime between Halloween and U.S. Thanksgiving, give or take a 2 week window.

For those thinking they will miss some announcement, trust me it will be hard to miss once everything is complete.  For starters, there will be a new website.  And yes I have a fund family name (but top secret for now).  So there is the update, and during the next month I shall be engulfed with myriad forms borne of stringent regulations, and conversations with legal counsel, so please have pity on me.

Thanks for your patience.


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