Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What is General Electric (GE) Telling Us?

If there is such a thing as one stock as a tell on the world economy, I'd nominate General Electric (GE).  Not only does it have its hands in multiple industrial and consumer oriented markets, it has a large financial arm to boot.  With that said, I am wondering what the chart is telling us nowadays, if anything.   It is at lows of the year and fast approaching November 2009 lows. Excluding the flash crash and day after, it's been a near continuous drop since April.  Then again, what the heck was GE telling us in April as it had not a care in the world?  I'm not a big fan of the club who says the stock market is a great predictor of the future - for that group I'd like to ask what the market was predicting in early 2000, and fall 2007 - but I do think the market is a great indicator of PERCEPTIONS of reality.  Seems like big money is turning our way in terms of evaluating about what is coming down the pike.

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