Monday, June 7, 2010

Euro Continues to Be Crushed, Along with Spanish Banks

Spanish banks are now below the early May lows [May 4, 2010: Spanish Banks Spanked as Contagion Risk Rises] before some 750B Euros were pledged to contain the issue (not to mention ECB changing its policy to now buy government bonds).

As for the Euro?  Again I cannot stress how these moves of such velocity simply should not be happening in currency markets.  Quite amazing. 

At some point, this Euro swan dive is going to be a massive boon to European - namely German - exporters.

Can you imagine such talk in the United States of Debt?  Via Bloomberg:
  • Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Cabinet is meeting to tie up a “decisive” round of budget cuts that will shape government policy for years to come, fueling disagreement with U.S. officials who favor measures to step up growth. 
  • The program, a mixture of revenue-raising measures and spending cuts, include a levy on air travel, reductions in tax breaks for the energy industry and a wholesale restructuring of the armed forces, Merkel told reporters in Berlin today.  
  • Equivalent to about 2.7% of last year’s gross domestic product,...
  • “The last few months showed, in connection with Greece and other euro countries, the overriding importance of solid finances,” Merkel told reporters in Berlin today at the end of a two-day Cabinet session called to discuss budget tightening. “Solid finances are the best form of crisis prevention.”  (I thought almost unlimited government spending was? Hmm!  Obviously a culture clash)
  • Merkel’s government is reining in its deficit and urging fellow euro-region states to do likewise to thwart a sovereign- debt crisis. The savings risk further alienating voters angry at Germany’s 148 billion-euro share of a European plan to backstop the euro  .
  • German 10-year bunds rose, pushing the yield down to a record low today, as concern the debt crisis may spread boosted demand for the perceived safety of the 16-nation currency’s benchmark securities.

Outrageous quote of the year:
  • "We need to take a path that shows we only spend a sum that amounts to our revenue," Merkel said.
    If only she was born in the U.S. - we'd be looking at the Tea Party Candidate for President, 2016!

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