Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bookkeeping: Starting Salesforce.com (CRM)

I am going to start a wing of the portfolio for egregious valuations but stocks the momo hedgies worship at.  The first such name is Salesforce.com (CRM) a stock I've stalked for probably close to a decade but never bought... due to valuation.  In fact summer 2008 I mentioned the stock for the exact same reason in [Jul 2, 2008: Does Valuation Matter?]  Back then it was at 200x forward estimates.  Now? "Only" 80x... darn cheap!  Heck this company makes VMWare (VMW) look like a deep value stock... but that's ok, HAL9000 and his merry band of momo algorithms like it, hence so do I.

The chart is one of the best out there, but in case the market plummets through 1040 I am just going to begin with a starter stake of 0.4% to get it on my immediate radar and go from there.  The 50 day moving average is not so important to me on this one... instead if you connect the recent lows I'd like to see that imaginary line hold on any major selloff.  That would be roughly $80-$81 right now.  But frankly this is one of those names that maybe even that does not matter because the minute the market turns back up, this is the name the computers (and humans) love.

I have a few more spots available for this special wing of parallel universe where valuations mean nothing but I am hoping the other candidates can fall a bit more.

salesforce.com, inc. provides customer and collaboration relationship management (CRM) services to businesses and industries worldwide. The company also offers a technology platform for customers and developers to build and run business applications.

Long Salesforce.com in fund; no personal position


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