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Performance / Portfolio

There is currently a retail fund in registration with the SEC.  I am unable to offer any further details until process is complete, so please consider this a "quiet period" on the topic. Thank you.

Please note I closed out the tracking portfolio described below on December 3rd, 2010 to concentrate my time on workload required for actual fund launch.

1) I will measure the performance of portfolio versus the Russell 1000, on a rolling 4 week basis - last updated December 3, 2010.

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2010 Performance

2009 Performance

For previous years performance, scroll down the page


Please note, due to a website configuration change at - as of Fall 2010 the link below no longer works.  I will continue to cut and paste positions in graphical format each week end.

2) Total Portfolio Value, as maintained by 3rd party, can be checked here each day with 20 minute delay vs real time (starting value $1,000,000 or $10.00 NAV)


3) Last updated December 3, 2010: Full Portfolio updated weekly via screen captures. Please note "total gain/loss" in dollars, and percentage only pertain to the open portion of the position - not to any previous part of the position sold earlier. For more details please see this post.

Long Positions (click to enlarge - 1 photo file)

All positions closed as of Dec 3, 2010

Short Positions (click to enlarge)
See above

Option Positions (click to enlarge)


4) Weekly Fund Position Changes / Strategy outlined here

I've changed over from (used from August 2007 to September 2008) to as a 3rd party tracking vehicle for multiple purposes; most importantly I could not run a hedged portfolio (individual long and short positions) nor use limit stop orders in Even with those limitations and only using half my strategy I was able to beat the S&P 500/Russell 1000 by approximately 24% in my "year 1" (August 2007 through July 2008) [Aug 2, 2008: 'Rising Tide' Performance Year 1]

[After I quit there was a quarter I was "out of the market" as I searched for a new tracking website, that was Q4 2008 - October of that year was a big downturn and November and December were positive ones for the market.] 

When last I checked in August 2008 [Aug 21: 'Rising Tide' Performance v Peers] my performance would of ranked #1 in the "mid cap growth" mutual fund category (approx 1860 peers) with a 10.9% return (9.2% after fees). The median of peers was -7.8%. Out of all 6000+ or so equity mutual funds across all categories we would have been the equivalent of "top 10". (note: not top 10 percentile, but literally in the top 10) I'm confidant with the carnage that the mutual fund industry suffered in Sep-Nov 2008, the fact we held high levels of cash (the industry standard is 0-5%, while we've held anywhere from 20-40% during that time) and some "Ultrashort ETFs" would have led to further out performance although our return most likely would of turned from +9.2% to closer to zero (or perhaps somewhat below 0%). My biggest error of 2008 was staying too long in the 'commodities trade' (about 6-7 weeks of serious pain in late summer/early fall) as these stocks fell off a cliff.

My weekly discussion of performance since early in blog life can be found here (or under label 'fund performance'). In the fall of 2008 after growing increasingly frustrated with the platform's inability to realistically track how I'd manage a portfolio - along with a few days I was unable to trade ETFs (which were the majority of my portfolio at the time), I essentially gave up on the system (lots of potential there but not the right fit for my style). I was not happy about this since it threw away well over a year's worth of work, but have essentially decided to 'start over' on performance metrics with the platform.

So if you are new(er) to the website... this has been our journey thus far and where we're headed in the future.

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