Thursday, May 6, 2010

Oh My.. We're Crashing



The other gap just filled !!!!!


I am selling my puts!!!!!!!! wow!

EDIT 2:57 PM - wow! quants gone mad... something went haywire and drove the market for a minute to -7%. After the gap filled we immediately popped back to -5% and now in the mid -4%. I'm stunned. Can't wait to show today's chart to anyone who does not believe in gaps filling on indexes.

Here is your "liquidity" baby. Good job HAL9000, thanks for nothing.

EDIT 3:08 PM - that happened so quickly I did not even get good prices on my puts. Wish I had the agility of a supercomputer - I could of sold the puts, turned around and bought calls and then sold the SPY calls 15 minutes later and said goodbye for the year, I'm going to the beach.

So the only question is whose HAL9000 went ballistic. Goldman's? RenTech's? Or Getco's? [Aug 28, 2009: WSJ - Meet Getco, High Frequency Trade King] But don't worry folks, they only provide liquidity... no one should question how RenTech has the best record of any hedge fund in history or Goldman makes money 98% of the trading days. Nothing to see here - just like Bernie. Don't ask, don't tell policy. Shh... they're just the smartest guys in the room.

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