Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Head Fake City

HAL9000 has really evolved into a sharpshooter daytrader. The intraday head fakes are quite impressive; it has certainly been smoking me left and right the past few weeks.

Today... looked like the 50 day would hold serve all morning.
Then we broke over.... scurry to cover fearing V shape move up.
Now we broke back under....

30 minutes from now? Who knows.

Too tricky of an environment to mess with, not my skill set to outguess this computer on a 30 minute interval with these type of shimmy and shakes. (as an aside Investopedia - which tracks my trades - has a 20 minute limit on holding positions so you can't daytrade even if you want to. With the action the past week you need to be jumping in and out in 5 minute intervals, not to mention 20 minutes)

It still *seems* like the intermediate term should be down... but HAL is not making this easy.


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