Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bookkeeping: Stop Losses Trigger in Discover Financial (DFS), Quality Systems (QSII) and L&L Energy (LLEN)

What a frustrating day. My earlier short positions would have now paid off in spades... one of those type of weeks. 2 steps behind the curve.

On the long side, I placed a lot of stop loss limit orders in coming into the week - some of which are now triggering.

First all of speculative coal small cap name L&L Energy (LLEN) had a stop loss of $10.25 which hit. I had been stopped out of half the position two Friday's ago, and this is the other half for about a 14%ish loss. I am actually surprised at how well this one held in yesterday. And with that all 3 coal or coal related (equipment) names have been dumped this week.

Second, two thirds of Discover Financial (DFS) has been stopped out at just over $15 for a 7% loss.

EDIT 3:15 PM -- oops one more, Quality Systems (QSII) was stopped just over $62.00 this morning... another case of 2/3rds of the position gone. In this case it was mostly unrealized gains that went poof and I lost about 2.5% on the shares.

Long exposure is now down to under 14%.

Long Discover Financial, Quality Systems in fund; no personal position


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