Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bookkeeping: Beginning Starter Stake in Polaris Industries (PII)

As outlined this morning in depth, Polaris Industries (PII) is attractive from a shareholder perspective for a few reasons ... but not so much from an American worker perspective. The stock is still holding the 50 day moving average but in case S&P 1045 does not hold, I would not expect the stock to hold that level on a more emotional selloff. So I will just begin the name with a 0.5% exposure in the $56.40s so it moves into a place I watch more closely than my watch lists.

I don't anticipate adding much long side exposure outside of short term index positions unless the 200 day moving average is regained on the S&P 500 so for now these are just small adjustments in trying to move from stocks of relative weakness to relative strength.

Long Polaris Industries in fund; no personal position


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