Thursday, May 27, 2010

Apple (AAPL) Passes Microsoft (MSFT) to Become Second Most Valuable Company in the US

A quite remarkable run by Apple (AAPL) - the most 'teflon' stock in the market today. Considering Apple might only be around due to a $150M investment by MSFT in 1997... well what can you say. Yesterday, it passed Microsoft (MSFT) in market capitalization to slide into the #2 spot amongst US based companies. (it passed Walmart not 3 months ago) All that is left is to surpass ExxonMobil (XOM) and the crown goes to Steve Jobs. One wonders where it ultimately tops out - the growth is still there; the stock has doubled in the past 52 weeks. A doubling in value from current levels takes it over $450B market cap range.

  • Since September 16, 1997, when Jobs returned as CEO and Apple shares traded at $5.49 per share, the stock has surged 4,346 percent and now trades at $244.11 per share. Over the last five years, Apple's stock has grown about 600 percent while Microsoft's managed a modest 5 percent growth.

  1. ExxonMobil: $287B
  2. Apple: $229B
  3. Microsoft $227B
  4. Walmart $190B

Market capitalization is calculated by multiplying the share price times the number of outstanding shares. It is often used as a public metric of a company's overall net worth.

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