Friday, May 14, 2010

$1 Trillion Doesn't Go as Far as it Used To

As if this moment, $1 Trillion only is worth about 16 S&P points. Not a very good investment.

Oh well, there is always next Sunday. Maybe the $2 Trillion bailout can be announced to goose the market.

As with any good drug addict, the more hits he takes, the less effectiveness of the drugs.

Can you imagine the level of QE that's going to be necessary to "appease the market" circa 2015 for Japan and the UK? Or the US 2020ish? 10 Trillion? Or maybe do the full level of 1 year of GDP, the $14 trillion bailout.

Again, my idea of letting Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, and Italy out of the EU and make them all U.S. bank holding companies while concurrently letting them lie about what is on their balance sheets, while the Fed hands them 0% money (so they can in turn buy our debt in a full Ponzi mania), really is what we should be doing. You, dear reader, are over there laughing at my idea but this is what we did for our financial oligarchs and it's worked like a charm. Pretend your debts are not really there, and take money from the US saver while diluting her savings - it can work for any entity: country or corporation.

Let's do this Ben.


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