Thursday, April 22, 2010

Morning Dodo Bird Sighting Confirmed as Hoax; Business as Usual

The morning nightmare is over... 

There were scattered reports this morning about a blog writing about dodo birds & market selloffs... both complete myths.  Never trust a blog who talks up such fictions.

Buy stocks.  Always. Without question.  Do it.

Back to your regularly scheduled unchanged OR upward market, with a few -0.2% days just to break up the boredom.

(for you folks who play intraday, chart the S&P 500 and look what happened the second S&P 1198 was broken this afternoon... zoom zoom orders came flying in to take the S&P up 5 straight points - dodo style)

Off to go find a photo of a castrated bear.  What's that?   Don't you dare me... oh yes I would.  *snip snip*


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