Wednesday, March 17, 2010

NBC/WSJ Poll: 17% Approval Rate for Congress; Half of Americans Would Vote Every Member Out

The message is finally getting across to Americans ... who for so many years have been distracted by the politicos with "hot button" issues.  Years of giving away the country to a tiny fraction of special interests (who apparently are "people" too according to the Supreme Court), appears to have finally caught up to our feckless fearless leaders.  My only worry is that by November 2010 the census workers are going to create a lot of "job gains" so the economic data is going to be overstated, which might have people think it's better than it really is.  But let us see.  As I wrote in [Jan 20, 2010: What Can (Scott) Brown Do for You? Not Much... if you are an Incumbant] the GOP wrongly clung to this victory as some sort of referendum on "their way".   Their way, as we saw for 8 years, has been very little different then the other side of the 2 headed monster - at least if you watch their actions, and ignore their empty words.  As written in January:

Both of these fair and balanced channels have it wrong - as did the political commentators on these, and many other channels. Living in the NYC or D.C. media ivory tower's; they simply do not get what is happening "out here" on Main Street. People are very angry...indeed I'd say frightened in many cases because they don't fully understand the big picture of how we got here. But they know something is very wrong and it did not just start 1 or 2 years ago. I proposed in 2007 that the conventional wisdom that America loves gridlock because at least the politicians could do no damage was now officially dogma - except on Wall Street where gridlock = secure profits for the largest of our corporations. This current crop of politicians can do damage by doling out political favors in any formation - gridlock or no; they are just *that* talented. I said, unlike perhaps in the 80s or even early 90s when the politicians were not helping the country but at least a somewhat bemusing sideshow - the current era politco class is like a long trail of iron spikes on the freeway of America. They inflict monster damage with their crony corporate socialism... all the while inflicting untold damages to future generations that have not even begun to be truly accounted for.

I expect Scott Brown - he whom I know nothing about other than his catchy sound bites that sound almost identical to every candidate before he/she heads off to Washington (I assume he is a "maverick") - to be a precusors for major incumbent carnage in 10 months. Even with the power of familiarity in American politics, and the crime that is the cattle trading of Congressional redistricting it has now reached the point the flustered, angered, and downright exasperated US public is going to rotate new people into these roles until they find people who actually are "reprensentatives" again. Who actually will think out 5-10-20 years and tell us things we might not like to hear but know we must. (Volcker, David Walker) It might take 20 years, but we're just getting started on this path.

So today the GOP celebrates as they believe they have captured the desperate independent vote ... while many of said independents wish there was a 3rd, 4th, or 5th viable party in our corrupted system. Until then the same oligarchic system that exists in most major US industries, repeats in our political system and the "change" will have to come from within its confines.

Change is coming, I only wish we did not have to waste another 8 months.  No idea if the new crop will be any better (my assumption is mostly "no") but I'd expect if not, they will be sent packing in 2-6 years hence:
  • More than half of respondents in the new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll said they would vote to defeat every single member of Congress, including their own representative.
  • The poll found that, overall, members have a 17 percent approval rating.
  • More than three-quarters of voters, 77%, said they disapproved of the job Congress was doing.
  • More broadly, the survey showed continued gloominess among all voters about the country's direction, with nearly six in 10 saying it is on the wrong track.
  • Asked if they would still vote to replace every single member of Congress if that resulted in Democrats still controlling Congress, nearly three-quarters (72%) said yes.
  • And asked if they would still vote to replace every member if that resulted in Republicans controlling Congress, a virtually identical number (73%) said yes.

This is the definition of a broken system.

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