Friday, March 5, 2010

His is (Way) Bigger than Yours.... One Day Trader's Office Setup

Sometimes you wonder what set up the guy (gal) on the other side of the interwebs has for his/her trading desk.  You take it for granted that the institutional boyz have systems that would run circles around your cute little Pentium / Athlon processor, but you don't realize the horse power some people are hoarding in their home offices.

Now this... this... can make one feel inadequate.  While the setup is for a daytrader... and I am thinking there must be diminishing returns by the time you hit monitor #28, or perhaps #32, it still looks incredible... NASA control center like. 

(hat tip Seeking Alpha for the find)

Link here... and also finished product here & the office development here.

Before the photos here are some "specs"

Originally there was to be 60 monitors, a mix of 19s and 24s however, it changed a bit and there is now 40 24" monitors and another 20 monitors offsite for development.
There is six computers running all the monitors, each computer has a core i7 975, 24 gb of DDR 3 memory, two SLC SSDs in raid 0 and a large amount of nvidia NVS 420s as well as Nvidia 9800 GTs. 
This office is used for intraday trading and development.

(click to enlarge any photo)



Another wall full of monitors aka the "west wall"....

I guess this is where he watches his CNBC (plasma overhead) and the 4 screens where I assume he does the actual trading. (please note the old school thing on the desk... I believe it's called "pen and paper")

All this is run on only 6 computers...

And a 'few' cables to connect...

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