Monday, March 15, 2010

Bookkeeping: Short True Religion (TRLG); Covering Athenahealth (ATHN)

This is not the type of chart I normally short, since parabolic moves can go on much longer than you can remain solvent, but since True Religion (TRLG) [a retailer] has stalled out just below $30 with on 3 consecutive days, I have a very obvious area to stop out of.

I will put a 2.75% short position on in the $29.30s and stop out a bit over $30.  I don't expect this huge earnings related gap in the chart to fill anytime soon unless the market really corrects, but let's see if we can grab $2-$3 of downside. 

The risk reward on this trade will be 3% downside (stop out) and if we can get $27ish as an area to exit, about 8% upside.


I am covering @ $36.80s in Athenahealth (ATHN) for a 4% gain - position started on March 4th, I will look to reshort it if it can get back to the top end of its recent range as the chart continues to sign to weakness.  I was hoping for more of a gain if the market would cooperate to the downside for even 1-2 sessions but obviously we have had no help at all on that front.  This was with 2% of the portfolio.

Short True Religion in fund; no personal position

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