Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Today's Reader Feedback

No polls today - just some "social media 2.0"

I put together a list of themes and key words that either I've come up with or readers thought of.  No organization to it, at the top are 3 fund family names that signify some sort of shelter.  In a middle are a bunch of keywords I've been plugging and playing with in a thesaurus.  And at the bottom were some birds of prey - a reader suggested this as they are aggressive, can change direction quickly, etc etc - all however are taken by hedge funds (1 defunct but planning to restart) or a mutual fund.  Also some "fortified" building structure or defenses to signify protection.

Potential Names:
Oasis Funds [website already taken]
Sanctuary Funds
Enclave Funds

cove (combined with another word?)
harbor (taken by large fund family)

Cool birds of prey: (taken by hedge funds)
Eagle (mutual fund has it)

Palisade (taken)
Rampart (taken)

I like Oasis Funds but of all things the website is taken by someone else - who is not even in the investment business.  Oasis Long Short Fund - you know all the world is waiting for it.  But I can't get the website.

One idea is to have a 2 word fund family name using "Cove" as the 2nd word.  Cove is similar to Harbor (but smaller) - Harbor being one of my the first things that came to mind 2 weeks ago.

A small sheltered bay in the shoreline of a sea, river, or lake.

If you have any suggestions for a pertinent "first word" that would fit with Cove i.e. XXX Cove Funds feel free to comment.  It needs to be short, descriptive and somehow related.  Using some of yesterday's names it could always be "blue" i.e. Cobalt Cove Funds but that seems like a useless adjective to add to Cove.  Cove Funds alone seems too abrupt for some reason - but perhaps sufficient.

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