Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Open Question to Our Leaders

Again let me ask in the "it wasn't me" game currently going on in our Capital....

If Tim Geithner as head of NY Fed was not responsible for the AIG Bailout....

And Ben Bernanke as head of the Fed was not responsible for the AIG Bailout...

And Hank Paulson as US Sect Treasury was not responsible for the AIG Bailout...

Who exactly was?  Edith in accounting?

Further, if you folks are *SO* important to the health of the US economic system.  And *SO* irreplaceable in your roles, that the mere thought of you being replaced brings vieled threats by Wall Street strategists of "great dislocations in the markets" (i.e. their prop trading desks will crush this market if their demands are not met)- what exactly are you doing each and every day?

You apparently are not involved in any major decision - or at least the ones that are politically harmful.  But are more than ready to pat yourself on the back (especially you Mr Bernanke) for making decisions that saved the economy.  So you do make decisions apparently - but only the ones that worked out, right?  As for pissing away billions of taxpayer money and making your friends "whole" - that was "not me"'s decision.

What a bunch of losers.  The buck stops here?  Taking responsibility for your organization?  Anyone?

*crickets chirping*

As I think of your shameful avoidance of any responsibility today, I recall the Family Circus cartoon where "Not Me" always was the culprit. 

But on second thought a much better representation can be found below.

Sorry for interupting your busy day gentleman - I'll let you get back to doing important work; that you won't be responsible for in a few years.  Unless it works out.

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