Monday, January 25, 2010

Mondays Continue to be Wonderful

We noted in late November a strange pattern - Mondays were almost always up.  [Nov 20, 2009: What the Heck is Going on With Mondays Lately? Always Up]  Of the last 8 Mondays at that time, 7 were up, 1 was down with an average gain of 1.28%.  While not tracking it lately, anecdotally it seems the pattern had been continuing and BeSpoke Investment Group confirms it; here are the last 18 weeks.  Since our analysis in November, only 1 Monday has been down...for a whopping 0.25%.  You simply cannot lose on Mondays anymore.


So with that we'll be launching two mutual funds; the second which of which will be "The Monday Fund".  Buy index longs full tilt at 3:59 PM each Friday, sell 3:59 PM each Monday, vacation the other 6 days.  A winning strategy indeed. 

At a 0.83% return x 18 weeks such a strategy would of gained 15% over a third of a year, on pace for an annualized 45% return.  That is for 1 day of week's "work".... mmm, Kool Aid.

Compare that to the -0.54% return the other 4 days of the week, or over 18 weeks ... -10% over that time frame.  Suckers.

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