Thursday, January 28, 2010

Freeport McMoran Copper & Gold (FCX) Hits 200 Day Moving Average

Freeport McMoran & Gold (FCX) probably represents the "early cycle recovery, weak dollar" story in 2009 better than any other stock.  It was to 2009 what oil was to 2007.  Despite 5 year highs in copper inventories, and 1 country doing just about all the marginal buying - speculators rushed in and FCX is definitely an institutional plaything.  This is a very well run company but much like US Steel (X) yesterday it has experiencing a Demon Drop.

More than any stock this is the on I will be watching for a "bounce".  It sits right at its 200 day moving average so this would be a logical area to lead an oversold move in its bretheren.  US Steel is in a similar spot and is holding in very well considering the damage today.  Let's see what HAL9000 does with FCX here but this is a very attractive risk/reward long play (with tight stop) for those with short term trading time frames.  The intermediate term situation is not that promising but a relief rally could lead to some 'fast money' if the market continues this bounce (9 S&P points off the bottom already).  I can hear Larry Summers sweating from here as his fingers push "buy buy buy" (allegedly)

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