Friday, January 8, 2010

Bookkeeping: Adding to Sourcefire (FIRE)

Might be 1 day early on this purchase but I am adding a 1% allocation to 2% weighting we already had in Sourcefire (FIRE) - love the slow buildup here, and nice pullback to (near) the first level support of the 20 day moving average.   Still about 50 cents away from support, hence why I could be a bit early.  Buying in the $26.30s.

The next test if the move continues will be to assess how FIRE acts when it retests recent highs of $28; if and when.

I can feel the complacency overtaking me... like taking a bath in Kool Aid.  Whatever happened to Greece sovereign debt again?  Ah, that is so 2009.

Great first week of 2010, we should be up around 3%+; if you annualize that over the next 51 weeks ;) yeah, yeah.

[Dec 21, 2009: Looking at the Fundamental Story of Sourcefire]

Long Sourcefire in fund; no personal position

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