Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Goldman Sachs (GS) Q3 Winning Percentage: 98.4%

Well, here I thought it would be in Goldman Sachs' (GS) interest to "lose" a few days on purpose to make it look like the game is not quite so rigged, but the firm believed that the previous quarter's winning percentage could be bested [Aug 5, 2009: Goldman Sachs Q2 Winning Percentage - 97%] and they've gone ahead and done it.  Q3 2009's winning percentage has come in at 98.4%; for you home gamers that means 1 losing day out of the entire quarter (64 sessions).  If we put the last 6 months together, that is 3 losing days in half a year. 

Via Seeking Alpha

Goldman Sachs' (GS) Q3 trading record: In 64 trading days, it lost money on just one, and made more than $100M/day on 36 days - down from 46 in Q2. On the quarter, equities commmissions fell to $930M from $1.2B a year ago, but trading profits soared to $1.8B from $354M.

Just remember, as with Bernie Madoff don't ask questions about how this is done (editor's note - not implying Goldman is a Ponzi); just understand he / they is / are smarter than you, and the black box they have is superior than anything else seen on the planet.  It has nothing to do with former Goldman officials placed in major posts throughout our government, superior information flow, trading huddles [Aug 27, 2009: Goldman Sachs Trading Huddle] , high frequency trading dominance, and multiple items I am forgetting or won't ever know about.  Access to information is not an advantage right Mr. Gekko?

The most valuable commodity I know of is information.  - Gordon Gekko

Anyone who questions this is just jealous.  It's all about "talent" (of the super human... or super computer kind), and as the first state sponsored hedge fund bank holding company, it is your job as taxpayer to stand behind Goldman Sachs (GS) if at any time in the future these bets go awry.  Thankfully it appears we never have to worry about them making any mistakes.

Somewhere, Matt Taibbi just had a convulsion. [Jun 25, 2009: Rolling Stone - Goldman Sachs, The Wall Street Bubble Mafia]

ZeroHedge also weighs in

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