Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Your Comments are Not Spam

First, I enjoy the threads with a lot of comments - we've had some great running discussions the past week in both the "Niall Ferguson" entry, and the "Why do Americans Seem not to Care about What Has Happend" entry. Good debates, and varying viewpoints - always a good thing. If you are on RSS reader or email only - you are missing some good conversations.

Second, I just logged in to the actual commenting website (IntenseDebate) which is where a web host can moderate comments if necessary, and I noticed a bulging spam filter. Some of those comments are the typical spam and thus it's doing the correct thing, but I noticed a lot of comments in the spam folder from regular (and not so regular) readers as well. So if you notice you posted something the past month or two and it never came to the site, that appears to be why. I've just "reinstated" any of the comments from the past 2 weeks that were unfairly deemed spam; everything older is a moot point by now. I'll try to figure out what parameters are causing so many innocent people to be mislabeled spam but I just want you to know dear FMMF reader... you are not spam to me. ;)

On a serious note - if you haven't commented in the past please feel free to contribute. If you create an actual account rather than just posting as a guest you can keep your history, not just here but on other blogs that have the same commenting system, rate other people's comments, and I'm sure some other handy things I've never had time to research. The next step we need on the internets (sic) [potential business idea] is some sort of commentating integration program so you can log in once and keep all of your comments in 1 place, no matter which of the myriad blog commenting systems one uses. (I count at least 5 popular ones)


And with that, a super cool reversal down to end the day - my gosh, we only get one of those every 7-8 weeks now; used to be a common happening in the markets of a forgotten era (i.e. before 2008). Did Larry Summers fall asleep again ... perhaps as he nodded off his hand fell off the "buy buy buy" button? He has that nasty habit...

Well we can only speculate what government information Goldman Sachs is front running this time around... just know Goldman was out of the market by 3:15 PM.

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