Saturday, October 10, 2009

Kirby Daley has Detached from The Matrix

Quite an entertaining set of videos on CNBC Australia featuring Kirby Daley, who is a Hong Kong based senior strategist for Newedge Group. As I watched them one by one, I thought to myself - my gosh that sounds like me! It's an amazing time here where those who (in my opinion) espouse rational thought are considered on the leading edge of sounding like "wackos".

Kirby goes bananas?

So Kirby... welcome to the park bench, pull on your trench coat and I'll pass you along this brown bag with an unidentified liquid inside.

If you just want to watch 1 video that summarizes his (and my) thought process here is a 3 minute quickie.

Two other entertaining pieces -

(1) Kirby says the "invisible hand" is supporting markets

(2) Kirby cites birth death ratio as part of our Alice in Wonderland scenario - nice one sir. What could possibly end this dream world?

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