Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Doug Kass on CNBC's Fast Money

Noted hedge fund favorite and FMMF favorite Doug Kass made an appearance on CNBC's Fast Money last evening and reiterated his bearish call.  While he has been "early" (i.e. wrong) he is one of the few souls in the financial snake oil salesmanship products business who admits it.  Which is one reason, among many, we like him.  That said, his reputation should be fine for at least half a decade based on the "generational low" call in late winter 2009 (he was early there as well by a few weeks but still a strong call with his upside target appearing to be ludicrous at the time)

In case you did not see his interview with RealClearMarkets about 6 weeks ago - the bearish case is laid out there, along with some longer term (dour) visions for the US - a very good read.

6 minute video

Hat tip Reformed Broker

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