Monday, October 19, 2009

David Rosenberg on CNBC

As we await the traditional Apple (AAPL) smashing of massively underestimated estimates - which we will be "surprised" by - followed by the "guide down for the next quarter estimates, so they can beat those by a country mile in 90 days" - which allows us to be "surprised" again in January 2010, we have a 7 minute video to watch.

David Rosenberg, who like many of his kind who are proposing rationale data points but who has been proven "wrong" by the freight train of Federal Reserve liquidity on CNBC this morning.

David Rosenberg, he is a very well known economist (some claim a relative perma bear) who made the move over from Merrill Lynch to a Canadian firm Gluskin Sheff, earlier this year. While having mostly missed this rally, much of what he says deals more with the long term structural issues we bring up - rather than any tactical short to mid term trading concepts.

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