Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bookkeeping: Long for a Trade

We have a beautiful risk/reward set up here - as I opined this morning I'd be happy to turn 180 degrees for a trade.  As we have pushed down to S&P 1047/1048 and held we're entering the exact opposite positions we held this morning

Long TNA (7% allocation)
Long SPY 106 November calls (6% allocation)

Any break below S&P 1047 and we're long gone...

A move near S&P 1060 would be much appreciated

My weightings are not aggressive; I am just trying to add some icing on the cake and see if we can steal an easy trade.  We're overdue for a blow up in the portfolio somewhere here soon so I don't want to get too aggressive.

Long instruments in both fund and personal account

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