Sunday, September 27, 2009

Limit Buy Order List

I've received some requests for what I have in my growing limit buy order list, so I've decided to do an update with current candidates. Keep in mind I don't intend for all these to hit; I have staggered prices along the way and in different buckets with the hope that maybe half a dozen will eventually hit as we had happen Friday with Myriad Genetics (MYGN). Some will require a 5% drop, some will require a 30% drop. Many of these names I've been chasing (or is it waiting?) for the better part of 2 months.

I'll put them into different broad sectors (if you will) to showcase that thinking - all of these would be "and/or" as in I have orders in for all but am willing to jump in on any as long as my price is hit. With the incredible correlation among all assets (which now simply trade as an inverse to the United States Peso), I imagine despite trying to only pick up a few of these... if the dollar rallies, and markets correct I'll be a new owner of many of these in a very condensed period of time as individual stock / ETF picking is a lost art, and it's all just become a binary trade as programmed into countless super computers --> (buy anything that is not the US dollar, sell anything that is not the US dollar).

If you are unfamiliar with any name on the right margin of the blog is an "Archive by Topic" pull down box in which you can pull up any name to see previous posts concerning said topic (stock/ETF).

  1. Hosting: Equinix (EQIX), Savvis (SVVS)
  2. International: Market Vectors Brazil Small Cap (BRF), Market Vectors Indonesia (IDX), iShares Hong Kong (EWH), Claymore Alphashares China Small Cap (HAO)
  3. Misc: Quality Systems (QSII), Fuel Systems Solution (FSYS), Research in Motion (RIMM)
Debating---> STEC (STEC)

All other limit orders are current positions I wish to increase position size to at lower prices: 7 such orders at this time.

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