Thursday, August 13, 2009

Reader Proposals for New Stimulus Plans

You may not have noticed but his morning there were some icky retail reports. The market went down for about 4 minutes in reaction before quickly laughing off "fundamentals" and turning green. It's the new and improved stock market folks.

Long time reader Jayson was concerned about the numbers... he sees that we are not stealing enough from kids, grandkids, and greatgrandkids. While we're doing a great job on cars and homes, there is far more we can do as a people and Jayson proposed some ideas to broaden our "prosperity". [Jul 30, 2009: Cash for Clunkers a Bit Hit, Government Asks "What Can we Buy You Next?"] As we all know when the government provides us 1 of every 6 of our dollars in income that is not enough, we should somehow get to 1 to 3 - our government is simply not working hard enough for us. [Jun 5, 2009: 1 in 6 Dollars of Income Now Via Government; Highest Since 1929]

I am hoping after this post I don't lose Jayson to the Treasury Department where he will be awarded the "Real Man of Genius" medal. While you might chuckle to yourself, let us be assured these type of programs or something similar have surely been discussed. If you have your own ideas (and are also angling for future employment in the Treasury Department) feel free to add to the list! Surely there are more things we can bring demand in from 2011-2012 to 2009-2010 and stick the grandchildren with the IOUs. Jayson is so good he even included useless government acronyms for some of the programs! Talk about efficient. As an added bonus each of these programs will need to hire more federal workers to administer them, which kills 2 birds with 1 stone.

Jayson, thank you for your contribution to (American) mankind; if not for the fact I knew you were not a federal employee I'd swear you were part of the Council of Economic Advisors. Larry Summers, time to pick up your game!

*please feel free to forward this to your local Congress person as they might not of had time to think of such ideas themselves, in between getting yelled at during their local townhall meeting.

The following is the “Pull in future consumer Demand Bill for 2009-2010”

--->Cash for Energy Star Appliances (CESA) program - Electronics & appliances down -1.4%

-Get a $250 cash rebate on each large appliance and free removal of old (LCD TVs, Ref., washer, dryer, heat pump, water system, etc.)

--->Green Up America Homes (GUAH) program – Building materials, garden down -2.1%

-Get 25% rebate all plants, trees, walkways, solar lighting, etc from HD or LOW thru the program.

--->Drinking Age is now 18

--->Environmental Friendly RV program

-get $1000 rebate, trade in your old snowmobile, 4 wheeler, dirt bike, jet ski, etc

--->Meet Your Neighbors Program

-get $100 rebate qualifying Grills, $200 rebate qualifying patio sets, etc.

--->Improve your game or pick up a game Program

-get rebate a certain sporting gear for trade in and start a new sport

--->Go to Vegas Program

-get $50 rebate your air fare and for each hotel night, plus $500 rebate on any gambling losses over $750.

--->Go to Disney Program

-get $250 rebate for 4 night stay on the grounds, and $200 off airfare for 4.

--->Go to Six Flags Program

-get $10 rebate on admission and $25 rebate on travel expenses above $100.

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