Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bookkeeping: Stopped out of Portion of Blue Coat Systems (BCSI)

Not very heartening action in Blue Coat Systems (BCSI) this morning - the infamous drop 6% on no news on a positive day for the market. A week before earnings.... I've seen this story far too many times. Unfortunately the SEC almost never sees it. Let's keep today in mind if "a disappointment" happens on the 25th.

Always makes me think "someone in the know" is heading for the exits - volume is already 400K and this puppy does under 800K a day. I've taken a stop loss at $17.33 with about 65% of the position as the stock broke below the 50 day moving average. If there is not a quick rebound or it drops below $17 I'll exit the rest. I gave this one a very wide berth of 8% and it still triggered the stop. We're down to a 1% stake which could be punted shortly. Current price $17.36.

EDIT 11:45 AM - somebody really wanted out... as it fell below $17.00 the remainder of my position sold off (went as low as $16.66) before bouncing back to $17.10s right now. No position from here.

EDIT 12:45 PM: Looks like Needham downgraded them this morning on weak channel checks

Long Blue Coat Systems in fund; no personal position

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