Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bookkeeping: Short Shanda Interactive (SNDA)

With Quality Systems (QSII) taking me out of my short position, I am going to replace that 4% short exposure with a stock I've been stalking for the entire month of August; which despite the euphoria on green shootery refuses to spike to my countless limit order locations; Shanda Interactive (SNDA). [Aug 7, 2009: Shanda Interactive - Weak] So I am just going to do a market order here in the $48.20s now that I have a "slot" open on the dark side of the portfolio.

This is just a technical scalp type of trade with hopes for a cover in the $44s, and a stop out above the 50 day moving average (i.e. $51ish)

Short Shanda Interactive in fund and personal account

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