Friday, August 7, 2009

Bookkeeping: Selling Most of First American (FAF)

Enough is enough - pigs get slaughtered. (but only after bears) I am selling all but 25 shares of First American (FAF) at around $31.90 - I wish I could say there was some special insight I could offer here on reasons for the run. I see many stocks with the same look... parabolic.

[Jul 30, 2009: First American Profit Triples]
[Apr 30, 2009: First American Beats by a Mile]

We'll buy back when the market next falte... ah, nevermind.

p.s. a moment of condolence for anyone trying to short commerical REITs: many of which have rallied 30-40-50% this week alone. I was once one of you circa spring 2009... I'm sorry for your losses.

Long First American in fund; no personal position

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