Thursday, July 30, 2009

Waiting for the Computer Purchases

All the humans now sit awaiting the computer program trading that will launch on a new high of the day. Our trend day is in intact and we're building a wonderful intraday base from which to launch this afternoon. It's so predictable to have become boring. We threatened to break the trend at 1 PM but out of the blue came a huge volume spike of buying (like magic).

Since so much money now is all set to the same "bait", I don't know when this type of set up fails. (perhaps a higher power than HAL than stop it? Terminator?) It has to fail at some point... but if we cross that black line this afternoon expect the place to go bonkers.

[click to enlarge]

[click to enlarge]

What's that? Yes, I suppose these 3 and 4 letter symbols flashing on computer screens still represent underlying businesses but please.. we can't be bothered with details like that. Have your microchip ready to pounce. Just follow HAL9000. He comes through with 97.8291% accuracy. The remaining 2.2% is all human error... HAL never fails.

Until the alert goes off, enjoy your summer beach reading - meanwhile I'm frantically trying to find Terminator's cell phone #. Last sighting somewhere in Sacramento area... hmm...

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