Monday, July 27, 2009

Niall Ferguson, Nouriel Roubini, Mort Zuckerman Interview with Fareed Zakaria

I've been meaning to post more Niall Ferguson content but simply have not had time to break down some commentaries and articles he has written the past half year, on the blog. Effectively Ferguson is an economic historian with some relatively negative views. [Feb 4, 2009: Vanity Fair - Niall Ferguson: America Needs to Cancel his Debt] If you've been involved with the market more than 3 weeks you probably know who Nouriel is. Mort Zuckerman is the US News and World Report Editor in Chief but more important for business reasons, he is a real estate billionaire. Unlike the green shoot parade folks, he actually was quite negative (also known as realistic) during multiple implosions in 2008.

Totally unrelated, 8000 more job cuts from Verizon announced - which as you know means "better than expected" earnings coming in the next few quarters for VZ. Green shoots.

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