Friday, July 17, 2009

Jon Stewart: The Pyramid Economy, with Goldman Sachs (GS) as the Eye

Hat tip for these videos to Zerohedge, which unbelievably we were having on as a guest poster back in February to help drive some traffic his way ;) How quickly things change.

Being absorbed in the investing world, it is hard to tell what is seeping out into mainstream culture. From the looks of it, at least one of Jon Stewart's writers is keeping up with the goings on in the financial blogosphere. A short 3 minute video but it will provide some laughs, especially for those who follow the Goldman Sachs saga closely. As an aside if you missed this dismantling in March must see video here [Mar 13: Jon Stewart v Jim Cramer: The End]

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On a totally different track - since we want to know what FOX viewers are learning, a more lengthy 10 minute expose by Glenn Beck :)

To conclude, I have no idea who Max Keiser is - but let it be known he is no friend of the Goldman Boys.

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