Thursday, July 9, 2009

Account Balance Tracking

Just a bookkeeping note - on my performance / portfolio tab I have a link to "total portfolio balance" which any reader can go and check to confirm what I am saying my performance is, actually is true - as this is data is held by a 3rd party (

The website has been making some changes in its Simulator, some cosmetic and some otherwise and that link that used to allow people to look at the balance has been disabled by these recent changes. (I just noticed this myself Monday) I emailed their website support team and they are going to be adding some functionality in the "relatively" near future (within a month they think) to allow non Investopedia members to view this data set. What I had been displaying since January was a "work around" link which was not an intended feature so we were sort of getting around the inability for non members to view account balances through a back door link. The upgrades they have been doing has closed that door, but now they appear to be planning to allow what I was doing, but have yet to design that feature.

So in the interim, readers will just have to rely on the updates I do every 4 weeks and when these features come back online - I will let you know. I do update my positions each weekend of course; the only thing missing for now will be a "anytime" update of my balance (with 20 minute delay during market hours) that we've been able to show the past 7 months.

Obviously I've had my record out in the open for nearly 2 years now, and transparency is one of my selling points it not an issue in the big picture - but just wanted to let anyone who was asking what happened to the link, know what has changed.

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