Saturday, June 6, 2009

Michael Steinhardt: "A Lot More Pain"

Great video on the non cheerleading financial station, Bloomberg... if you are unfamiliar with Michael Steinhardt he was a hedge fund manager when hedge fund managers had chest hair, and were generally over the age of 35. Before the dominance of quant funds, and HAL9000 program trading. That said, guys like Steinhardt in hedge funds and Peter Lynch in mutual funds had a lot easier environment to work in for much of their careers ... 83 to 99 the market generally created some great tailwinds versus nowadays when it wants to rip your head off and does nothing for a decade.

He has a profile here

Steinhardt Partners achieved a performance track record that still stands out on Wall Street: 24% compound average annual returns – more than double the S&P 500 – over a 28-year period. What's more amazing is that Steinhardt accomplished this record with stocks, bonds, long and short options, currencies and time horizons ranging from 30 minutes to 30 days.

... I think I've seen him once? (about 3-4 months ago) on CNBC in all these years I've been subject to the pom poms. I thought I posted that video on the blog but can't find it in archives... maybe I did not.

Needless to say, he sounds like he could write for Fund My Mutual Fund instead of drinking from the Kool Aid gang. Oh well the stock market is saying he is "wrong" because as the Oracle of all things, the stock market knows all about the coming 4-6 months. (as we saw in October 2007)

"A Lot More Pain"
"The Economy is Weak. It Will Remain Weak"
"The Dangers Out There Remain Consequential"
"The Dangers in the Economy are Most Everywhere"
"Savings Will Take a Different Perspective ... in the Hearts and Minds of the American Consumer"
"Spending Won't Pick Up in a Traditional Way as the End of Most Recessions"

All should sound familiar to our readers...

...but other than that, he waved a few green shoots around - 3 minutes (there appears to be "more" but Bloomberg doesn't post video in an easy to find format)

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