Monday, June 29, 2009

Larry Levin - the Visible and Invisible Hand is Everywhere

Wow, amazing to see such frank talk from an experienced trader on C(heerleader)NBC. I've always liked Larry for his frank talk, and of course Rick Santelli is one of the few reasons to watch CNBC...

Only a 6 minute video but for "disclosures" about what apparently quite a few experienced people who live, breathe, and exist within the market for many years believe is happening under the surface start around the 2 minute market.

....with so many "experienced" types who are not full time bears noticing the same "strange" things we've been noting, it is just hard to believe all this smoke is imaginary. Or perhaps they are all imagining things while they stroll along grassy knolls. Funny I never heard such conspiracy theories during 2002 - 2003...I wonder what changed. Perhaps more of our rallies back then happened at times other than pre market or post 3:30 PM. [May 27, 2009: Daniel Shaffer Notices the "Invisible Hand" aka Plunge Protection Team] [Jul 14, 2008: Our Gospel is Spreading - Jim Cramer References "The Hand"] [Jan 9, 2008: An Amazing Blunt Commentary on the Plunge Protection Team]

As I said in the previous entry, at least China is upfront about it...

Hat tip to a reader over at ZeroHedge for the catch....

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