Saturday, May 30, 2009

Time: Peter Schiff Trash Talking the Markets

There is a plethora of Peter Schiff content out there, but I like to see how he is portrayed in main stream media non financial outlets... so here is a 5 minute video from Time. I think you can see how they view him simply from the tag line

TIME columnist Justin Fox talks with Peter Schiff, who predicted the economic collapse and has other extreme views on the market's future

I am sort of laughing as my last story on Gary Shilling [May 14, 2009: Gary Shilling's Latest Thoughts] had a throw away line saying I admired Gary for seeing what few others did in 2008 (including Schiff) in that things would get so bad that indeed people would flock into US debt and currency, even as the country was the origin of the crisis. Of course a flock of Schiff defenders descended on me sending nasty-grams. The great irony is I've been a proponent of Schiff AGREEING with him as the punditry scoffed at his (and my) views. My only point was in 2nd half 2008 the "buy foreign, buy commodities" trade blew us (both) up. Now however in the past month or so that trade is again working - showing as always with the market, you can be intellectually correct but if your timing is wrong, the lemmings can run you over and cause great pain.

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