Saturday, May 2, 2009

New Commenting System Installed

Just wanted to let everyone know we've installed a new comment system via Intense Debate. This should be more sophisticated than the stand alone commenting system from our platform via You need to sign up once but then you have a name that carries your comment history, and I do believe it will carry across to others blogs; certainly the ones that also have Intense Debate installed like Infectious Greed. The other nice upgrade is it allows for threaded conversations - i.e. in the old system every new comment just fell to the bottom of the list, but now if there are 8 comments and you want to reply to commentator #2, your reply will fall right below comment #2. I'll probably also install a "top commenter" widget. I am sure there are some other goodies but I have yet to fully explore the administration section.

We tried to install DISQUS, which is the other popular commenting system, but it seemed to not work with the template we've installed.

The one thing that goes away is the big cloud in the upper right that showed the number of comments - instead you will see the number of comments at the bottom of the post next to the date stamp i.e. Comments (4)

To read or make a post one can either just click on the title, click on "post a comment" or "Comments (#)" - should be straightforward.

As always, please feel free to comment and give your opinions and thoughts, even if in stark disagreement to mine - this is an interactive platform. Thanks, Mark

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