Friday, May 15, 2009


Hmmmmmm... how interesting. I've just been contacted by a firm who says the UK Telegraph story yesterday misquoted Mark Patterson and that the newspaper pulled down its piece. Considering it was the #1 viewed story on the Telegraph yesterday that is quite interesting. The story has now disappeared into the Error 404 ether on the Telegraph website. I won't speculate on the role of the Invisible Hand reaching out to certain parties ... but a grassy knoll type of person could connect some dots and make their own conclusions. Indeed public opinion is a very important thing for the powers that be, and clearly you don't want to step on the toes of the Invisible Hand.

Obviously I was not in Qatar at the time so I am just speculating, and you can determine in your own imagination what was really said, since apparently it had nothing to do with the bilking of US taxpayers as explained by someone in the know...

So at this time I'd like to ask you, dear reader, to please take this red pill & erase from memory all quotes from Mark Patterson. Apparently they never happened - even if they were a direct quote in a leading newspaper (Telegraph has circulation figures akin to Chicago Tribune or Washington Post).....

I've been asked to "remove" this "erroneous" content from my site. My legal team of Mark, Mark, and another Mark have decided this is the best course of action. Ahem.

And with that: "Everything is Great! Buy Stocks" ...

EDIT 12:15 PM - If interested ZeroHedge has kept the piece on his website in its entirety if you missed my post and editorial comments yesterday: Go here.

Here are ZeroHedge's thoughts on the "pulling of the piece" which of course match mine... since he has a larger legal budget than I do, I'll let him deal with any issues that may arise ;) Welcome to the USSA.

It appears that the Daily Telegraph has gotten major cold feet about the incendiary interview (incendiary, at least, to the administration) it had posted last night with Mark Patterson. One can only speculate why that may be the case, but if you try to connect to the article that had received the biggest number of hits yesterday, you just get a big gaping 404 hole now.

Luckily, ZH expected some potential foul play, which is why we copied the entire piece in its entirety and still have it available for readers who would rather be exposed to the truth instead of watching CNBC and the ever increasingly more censored media outlets.

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