Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Disciplined Investor Podcast with Mish Shedlock and ZeroHedge

Andrew Horowitz over at The Disciplined Investor has a podcast with 2 of our favorite bloggers - Mish Shedlock from Mish's Global Economic Analysis and "Tyler Durden" over at ZeroHedge. The former was a blog I read long before I started my own, and the latter *dab tears from eye* was once just a little spot in the blogosphere we liked so much we wanted to help get him some notoriety [Feb 19 - Guest Post: ZeroHedge - Some More Bad News for Dry Bulk Shippers] He has since surged to star status.... and now is the home of all sorts of grassy knoll theories regarding financial markets.

You can listen to the hour or so here; I am still working my way through it.

Guests: Mish Shedlock and ZeroHedge present views on the markets and the mayhem. We review economics, fundamentals and basic flaws with the entire system. Andrew discusses the not-so-stressful stress tests and what is the probable outcome along with a few investment ideas.

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