Thursday, May 28, 2009

Berkshire's David Sokol: No Green Shoots, Recovery in 2011... and More Einhorn

Folks, this stock market is starting to make me feel like I'm that old crazy guy on the city park bench. Thankfully some voices of reason still seem to be out there that assure me I'm only one day destined for the bench, and not yet there. The man rumored to potentially take over Berkshire Hathaway, David Sokol, shares the same view on housing that I've been espousing for 2 years. I have more posts on this angle coming in the next few days; have not had time to write a post on this topic lately. I suppose until these views are accepted (if ever) by the market, we will continue to operate in a parallel reality called "Wall Street"

David Einhorn also repeats what I've been saying about "repeating past mistakes" is all we are doing with the US consumer. Get them to repeat their bad behavior so our shopping economy can begin anew.... now official government policy.

A quick Bloomberg burst on Sokol and Einhorn here... hat tip to Todd Sullivan for the catch

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