Wednesday, April 29, 2009

25 Largest Companies October 2007 v April 2009

BeSpoke Investment Group has the latest list of 25 largest companies in the world which I've copied over below.

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Interestingly, as the Chinese large cap stocks were exploding ever higher in fall 2007 [Petrochina 12% away from being the largest company in the World] (and the US market was at all time highs on the S&P500), I had linked to a similar post from Bespoke - this came from October 15, 2007 so by chance we have a list from almost the exact peak of the equity bubble.

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There are many interesting contrasts some of which I listed below, keeping in mind many markets in the world are down 40%+ in the year and a half since.

Exxon Mobil (XOM) remains the largest company in the world, both then and now - but it's valuation (then) was $518B, now $329B (-36%)

To make the bottom of the list (then) your market capitalization had to be nearly $200B; (now) $120B will suffice

The top 25 names together (then) had a market cap of $6.4T; (now) a market cap of $3.8T (-40%)

China had (then) 8 of the 25; (now) only 4

(then) 6 of the top 12 [and 5 of the top 9] companies by market cap were oil related; (n0w) 3 of the top 13

Only 2 companies in the world are over $200B in market cap (now) versus in October 2007 that was almost the bare minimum to make the list of 25.

How times have (relatively) quickly changed.

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