Thursday, March 19, 2009

Both Marc Faber and Jim Rogers Predicting Civil Unrest or War

We talk about Jim Rogers often but if you are not familiar with Marc Faber he is the ORIGINAL Doctor Doom... in fact he is officially Doctor Doom Boom and Gloom.

I just had an imaginary conversation with Faber and it went something like this

TraderMark: So I've been calling for social unrest to rise for well over a year as we enter the throes of a Global Great Recession and the have nots finally cannot take it anymore.

Marc F: Kids these days.

TraderMark: So what's your outlook sir?

Marc F: Do you want the good news or bad news?

TraderMark: I'm fatigued from bad news - I've been one of the few who have been blogging about all these bad things coming since I made my home on the internets in 2007... all the while Kool Aid was thrown at me from every direction. Until finally the Kool Aid people went back into the jungle in September 2008. So let's hear the good news.

Marc F: I'm bullish for a trade for the next month or so.

TraderMark: Excellent! (*presses virtual Boo Yaaaah button*) So what's the bad news???

Marc F: Then war.

TraderMark: (gulp)

Allright, I'll still call outright war anytime soon a Black Swan event. I myself am not counting on war until 15-25 years out when China and the US are striving for the same natural resources. But I'm an eternal optimist ;) Now you see why they hide Marc Faber on CNBC Asia or CNBC Europe... it would not fit in the "happy happy" theme of CNBC Denial. I mean CNBC USA.

I'm more in the Jim Rogers camp who is simply calling for civil unrest to spread (hat tip to Todd Sullivan) no matter how much useless currency Uncle Ben prints.

On the bright side, Uncle Ben is going to inflate us so we at least feel rich... until we realize bread costs $8 a loaf. Then the riots ;)


One more Faber clip here - thanks to reader Thomas (don't watch the last 30 seconds around razors) (woot)

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