Friday, March 6, 2009

Bookkeeping: Short Amazon (AMZN) on End of Days Scenario

I'm using (AMZN) as my hedge on a crash scenario. Short 6% allocation under $62. There is a gap to $52

If hedge funds start to liquidate the last generals go - those would be Autozone (AZO), Mastercard (MA), Visa (V), (BIDU).

Netflix (NFLX) same boat, etc - just an insurance policy and if market reverses up I'll get out quick

Today is the most important day - either we get a late day reversal that would be a signal to buy buy buy or we have potential for a crash situation here... I am not covering Apple (AAPL) either. We'll know better last 2 hours - if we reverse today you could see a ton of buyers rush in. Open to either scenario - will let the market dictate. Until then sitting back and watching.

EDIT 11:20 AM - Apple has now filled its gap at $83 - praise the market gods. Finally. Under normal circumstances I would cover and declare victory. Today, due to bipolar outcome I listed in previous paragraph I am sitting tight. Again to make it clear, if we get that late day reversal I will be covering shorts and singing praises of Kool Aid. For now these are part of my insurance policy - I have no idea what the rest of the day brings but I want to have insurance in case the outcome is bad. China is the new technology sector (hey it's safe! buy without fear!) Obama cannot mess with China stocks at least...

Short, Apple in fund and personal account

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